According to Wikipedia, in Korzybski's framework time binding is posited as the third level in a progression of bindings.

Energy binding is what all life forms do in the process of converting ambient energy for use in their life processes. Space binding is performed by animals and to a much lesser degree by some plants in their various activities. Finally, through language and culture, sapient beings such as humans perform time binding by the transmission of knowledge and abstractions through time which are accreted in cultures.

It is posited here additional binding processes that humans and other organisms/systems enact:

1. Energy binding – binding of energy for use in life processes

2. Stimulus binding – binding of stimulus (environmental and internal), including ‘move towards’ and ‘away from’

3. Space binding – binding of physical space and territory around the organism

4. Relationship binding – binding of relationships and associations

5. Semantic binding – binding of meaning

6. Time binding – binding of information, abstractions and memes and the systems of transmission of this knowledge

As intelligent, self-replicating and organizing patterning systems, we bind energy within and without to support and use in maintaining our life processes. We then bind optimal amounts of stimulus in our environment (internal and external) to ensure we are neither over-stimulated nor under-stimulated.

We then bind space into territory that we use for the production and support of energy and stimulus binding, for protection, foraging, mating and entertaining etc.

We are not solitary organisms, and so bind patterns of relating (relationships) for support, mating and the myriad of other patterns and processes that make up our lives.

As intelligent patterning systems, we have an innate propensity to make and bind meaning and semantics. We largely bind semantics via metaphor and control the meaningfulness and salience of that meaning via the submodalities of our internal coding.

We then create self-supporting transmission systems (memes and abstractions) that time bind the semantics.

Control of these bindings is via metasystem quanta .