The field of General Semantics was founded by Alfred Korzybski and deeply articulated in his major work ‘Science and Sanity’ published in 1933. According to the ‘Institute of General Semantics ’ website:
General Semantics (or GS) can be referred to as a general system of evaluation and awareness. It provides a systematic methodology to understand how you relate to the world around you, how you react to this world, how you react to your reactions, and how you may adjust your behavior accordingly.

One of the key aspects of Korzybski’s model is the notion of ‘time binding’. This is defined as the human ability to pass information and knowledge between generations at an accelerating rate.

According to Wikipedia, in Korzybski's framework time binding is posited as the third level in a progression of bindings.

"Energy binding is what all life forms do in the process of converting ambient energy for use in their life processes. Space binding is performed by animals and to a much lesser degree by some plants in their various activities. Finally, through language and culture, sapient beings such as humans perform time binding by the transmission of knowledge and abstractions through time which are accreted in cultures."